Parent Shoot Prep

Let's plan your senior's perfect shoot!

Step 1.

Book your senior their makeup & hair ("MUAH") appointment.

  • My recommended MUAH artists come to your home to style your senior.
  • Lisa & Tiffany are skilled at natural, photo-ready makeup & hair.
  • The appointment typically lasts 2 hours.


Lisa Teller


Tiffany Purdy



Step 2.

Start thinking about spaces in your home where you would like art on your walls.


No measuring, no guess-work!


I will prepare designs for you to view during your ordering appointment of artwork options on your actual walls.


1. Please tape a piece of standard printer paper on potential walls.


2. Stand back far enough to see important elements: furniture, windows etc.


3. Take a picture straight on and text it to me at 925.201.9061.




Step 3.

Look at the Location Guide

Think about which locations you like best.

We will discuss this during your planning call.