Why Shoot In The Fall?

My top reasons for booking a fall photoshoot in the Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, and Danville areas.

Fall Colors: If you want to maximize your chances of some gorgeous foliage, book a shoot in mid-November! This is especially beautiful if you like to wear neutral or warm colors

Fall temperatures expand wardrobe options: If you’d like to wear a favorite long-sleeved top or a pair of jeans to your shoot, fall is the time for you! Add a pair of booties and you have a cute look that won’t leave you sweating the entire time (like a summer shoot would!)

But it’s still not too cold for dresses: What I like about fall is how we have *options*. You can be comfortable in a dress and in jeans. It’s just a great time of year in our little corner of the world!

Unlikely to need rescheduling: During the spring and summer, I often have to reschedule shoots due to rain and excessive heat, respectively. Fall shoots have a much lower chance of needing to reschedule. Which just makes everything so much easier!

If you would like to book a fall photoshoot, it’s best to get in touch in the early part of the summer. Hit the Contact page to get in touch to book your shoot!

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