Shots to get at your Cap & Gown Photoshoot

I have TERRIBLE pictures from my own high school graduation. I’m squinting. There’s a chain link fence in the background. Random people photobombing every picture. I really regret not having any nice pictures to commemorate the day!

Let’s do better for you at your cap & gown mini shoot! You’ll have beautiful pictures for your graduation announcements, and to display at your grad party. Here are some shot ideas that I want to make sure we get for you!

Close up with cap, gown & year charm and full body

Let’s get this at the start, you in all your regalia. Then we can move on to some fun stuff.

A jump shot!

Why not? This is a time to celebrate!

Glitter Blow!

Nothing says it’s time to party quite like glitter.

College swag

Bring a pennant and a college tee or sweatshirt – these are great shots to put on your graduation announcement to show where you are headed next year.


Full disclosure: this is a tough shot to get. We probably won’t nail it on the first take. But I have some tricks for getting it just right.

The details

It’s easy to forget this type of shot, but shots of the details are so nice to have.

Super close up with your tassel

This is a way to really focus in on your sparkly year charm. Love this!

The looking back shot

Thematically, this is on point. You are moving on in life. Let’s make sure to get this for you.

Don’t miss out!

I typically offer my cap & gown mini shoots in late April/early May. These sessions are extremely limited and made available first to everyone on my newsletter. To sign up, or find out more, just fill out the short form on my Contact page. I can’t wait to celebrate your graduation with you at your photoshoot!

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