Pumpkin Patch Photo Session Tips

Heading over to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures? Here are some tips to help you get the best shots possible, even with just a phone!

  1. Plan your pumpkin patch outfits: Even if it’s 85 degrees out, you can still make it look like fall by wearing the right colors. Think about deep, rich tones and if you wear white, go with a creamy off-white.
  2. Pick a fall nail color: You will probably want some shots holding pumpkins or gourds. So now’s the time to get yourself a cute fall manicure! Burgundy and nude are great choices that will carry you into November.
  3. Shoot with your back to the sun: Shooting with your back to the sun will mean that you can get the bluest of blue skies and super bright orange pumpkins. Yes, it does also mean that the people in the pictures will be looking directly into the sun. To help with that, do a “three, two, one” countdown with their eyes closed and have everyone open their eyes on “one.” One other thing to be aware of: is your own shadow. If the sun is to your back, be careful that you aren’t casting a shadow onto the people in the shot. The easiest way to avoid this is to get down low (either squat or sit down) when you are shooting. Have fun!

Some of the best pumpkin patch shots are ones you won’t think of until you arrive and see what there is to play with. Don’t be afraid to get silly. Juggle some baby pumpkins, jump in the air, or skip down a lane of hay bales. Look for motion and emotion to get the best pictures. You got this! 

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