5 Ways to Bond with your Senior over their Photo Session

There are so many aspects of your daughter’s senior year that you don’t get to be a part of. But her senior portrait isn’t one of them! Making it special for this shoot celebrating how far she has come, why don’t you both enjoy it together? Here are some ways for the two of you to get the most out of her senior photo shoot experience to build wonderful memories.   

Shopping: Whether you are working with a personal stylist or pulling together looks on your own, figuring out her outfits is a great way to bond with your senior. When I was in high school, I used to love going shopping with my mom. We had a tradition of taking a “lunch” break for frozen yogurt (don’t judge!) to rally before hitting up more shops. It was so nice to have that one-on-one time with her because my little brother didn’t have any interest in clothes. 

Jewelry: Now is also a good time to talk about meaningful jewelry. Do you have any family heirloom pieces that she could wear to her shoot? If you have been thinking about a special item to pass down, this photoshoot would be a wonderful occasion to capture your daughter in the new-to-her piece.

Spa Day: Getting ready for the shoot is one of the best parts! Why don’t you both get pampered for the occasion? Mani/Pedis are a great place to start. She’s going to want to have nice-looking nails for her shoot, so why don’t you join her? My mom started taking me out for mani and pedis in middle school and years later is still one of my favorite things to do. We always choose different colors, but it’s fun to talk about all the options and sit around reading magazines. If you are heading out to the spa, massages for both of you are a terrific idea. But a Word of Caution! If your daughter is interested in a facial, now is not the time. It’s possible that her skin might still be puffy or irritated a few days after a facial so it’s best to leave that treatment for after the shoot.

Girls Lunch: Today’s the day! Your daughter might be a little nervous about her photoshoot. Why not have the fun distraction of getting lunch from your favorite cafe? Whether it’s dine-in or take-out, lunch or brunch, having a meal from a place you both love is just one more way to make the day special.

At the Shoot: We will be working together to make your daughter look and feel her best at the shoot and you play a pivotal role! You are her wingman! Encourage her and let her know how nice she looks. This will lift her confidence and create a connection for you both. Also, I often save the dressiest look to shoot last. This means that at the end of her shoot your daughter will look her most fabulous. And since we end close to sunset, now it’s time for dinner.

Post Dinner Date: Why not call in a reservation or take-out at one of your favorite restaurants? Cap the day with a terrific meal over which you both can tell your whole family about how much fun you two had at the shoot.

I want this entire experience to be wonderful for both you and your senior. Hopefully, you both can enjoy one or all of these bonding opportunities together surrounding her senior portrait photo session. Samantha Grant Photography is a boutique studio in Pleasanton, CA specializing in high school senior, teen & tween portraiture.

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